martedì 23 dicembre 2014

OLD Blacks Xmas Dinner

A Civilised Beer for Christmas.

A mere three days before the arrival  of Santa Claus the Old Blacks came together to celebrate a great 2014 . With the intent to be civilised and polite we decided this year to have our annual Xmas dinner/beer/piss-up in Anselmos in Buccinasco, famed far and wide for it’s pizza and distance from neighbours. At 8pm precisely ,buoyed by the sight of Dora setting up her music deck for a night of Rumanian folk songs and Macri in his blindingly white , non regulation shirt an immediate 24 beers were ordered for the 8 people present. Over the next 30 minutes, with standard Old Black timekeeping skills, the rest of the team arrived and proceeded to mock the out of uniformed. Our new entry, Davide, was standing to welcome the team and was mistaken for the owner by all (It wasn’t my fault!). In a fit of sporting camaraderie the owners allowed the foreign game of football to be broadcast on their widescreen TV and it sucked the attention of three of our most effeminate players , who will not be mentioned for fear that they might cry (Ing, Gerry and Carlo). Sharing the dining hall with a soccer team we thought it better to avoid nudity and sexual innuendo fearing that they might become too attracted to us  but they had already noticed the offending three Marx brothers and were attempting to swop dresses with them (cross dressing being a favourite hobby of soccerists). When finally Ferro arrived the party could really begin. A veritable ocean of beer washed over and later through us and the food began to arrive in slow stages,the plates not having time to be placed on the table before being emptied . Vale as usual using two hands to shovel the food into his face. With a desperate plea for “a fucking pizza with no fucking cheese” the captain also managed to eat something if only to slow down the rate of the beers he was consuming. Some of the newer members of the team expressing concern about physical capability and clarity of mind but this was put firmly to rest.  Especially after their compulsory participation in “Capitano Paf”. Nico, Giordano, Kinder and Davide are now officially Old Blacks!. Although it is unlikely they remember much of the actual initiation. The soccerists decided that their dresses weren’t attractive enough and en masse after their antipasti and mimosas decided it was time to find a more civilised place. Toti and the rest of the serving girls kept the beers flowing and what was supposed to be a civilised gathering became like the invasion of Attila and his huns. The lovely Dora retreating to the safety of the kitchen and the complaints of the pizzaiola on the quantity of pizzas he was required to provide. After a rousing speech from the captain (Happy Christmas colllioni) the evening degenerated into horseplay and general rowdiness with an excess of beers. Moving into the car park on our wobbly way home we were entertained by the parking skills of our glorious TM who with the aid of active parking sensors managed to crash, not once but twice into the Passat of Pier Michele to much hilarity. Amazingly all arrived home alive, even Nico who wandered into the night like a lost lamb.

A classic evening with the best bunch of guys I have ever known.

It is a privilege and an honour to be their captain and I can’t wait for 2015 and our continuing growth and success as a team


We were also graced with the presence of 2 of our founding fathers Tutor and Ema.. Flying in from foreign climes to be with us. They hold high the old Blacks flag amongst the great unwashed masses. Especially Tutor who has to live amongst the French in Paris!!!

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